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Electronic point of sales

Electronic point of sales (e POS) system

If you own a physical retail business outlet like restaurants, grocery, you need to compile and look at regular sales data from your ePOS to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business


We have a total of approximately 24 different branches having about 6 separate categories, spanning over 110 different brands and dealing with 57 unique products. We also have 1163 happy customers as well as undertook 10433 successful transactions.

Different Branches

Separate Categories

Different Brands

Unique Products

Happy Customers

Successful Transactions

Sales Summary

Our gross sales are worth approximately 55.27 million INR. We have an average sales of about 3.96 thousand INR. Around 2719 products, worth 18.97 million INR have been returned.

Total Sales

Average Sales

Total Quantity Returned

Total Return Amount

Store Summary

We enjoy about 1.18 thousand sales per sq feet, with an average basket size of about 1.46. We also sold 32 footballs per day and had football conversions of 0.57.

Sales per Sq. Ft.

Average Basket Size

Footfall Per Day

Footfall Conversion

Highest amount by sale

About 47 percent of all the amount was paid for home appliances, within which, flat panel TVs contributed to 20%, Samsung products contributed to 15% and branch 5 contributed to around 18% respectively.

Home Appliances

Flat Panel TV


Branch 5

Highest sales by quantity

Small home appliances contributed to around 34 percent of total sales, whereas, television accessories, Recharge Express products and branch 5 contributed to 16,14 and 49 percentages respectively.

Small Home Appliances

Television Accessories

Recharge Express

Branch 5

Example-Weekly/Monthly Physical Store Sales Analytics